WhiteWave Tech

Simplifying digital for brands.

WWMG is known for its constant innovation in media, building up a sizeable portfolio of digital media properties over the years. That innovation is only possible through our in-house technological capabilities.

Along the way, many of our clients and advertisers have asked us to help solve their technical problems. WhiteWave TECH is our tech services arm, serving the digital needs of brands and companies.

  • eDM Management

    Track your email campaigns & manage your database for greater results
  • Search Marketing

    Harness the power of Baidu and Google for your business in Asia
  • Website Localisation and Design / Translation

    Set up your website, and ensure it is 100% comprehensible to your customers in China, so that nothing is lost in translation
  • Localised Hosting

    Ensure maximum speed and accessibility for your website in China

What Our Clients Say

Delphine Lignieres
CEO, Hainan Rendez Vous

We outsourced to WhiteWave TECH the management of our eDM sending and the maintenance of our website. And we are delighted to have such a professional and dedicated team assist us! We are extremely satisfied with their services and technology assistance and we strongly recommend WhiteWave TECH!

Justin Quek
Executive Chef, Sky on 57
WGS Hall of Fame Best Chef

I choose to work with the WhiteWave TECH team, because I don't have to worry about anything. As a busy chef planning is important - from buying the best products, planning the menus, training, constantly creating new concepts for promotions to meeting my teams and finally delivering to the guests. Julian and his team take time to understand my business and what I require, and they sort everything out for me. For the technical and online needs of my different establishments in Asia, WhiteWave TECH is my no. 1 trusted partner.

What differentiates us from other technical suppliers?


We build and run digital properties for the long term. Others build and run away.

Our core business involves managing and running large websites.
To do this we need to maintain a world-class digital infrastructure for long term stability and maintenance.

We do not build websites for large upfront fees and then disappear.

We focus on long term stability and security of all digital properties we manage.


We are specialized in China.

We have been in China, actively running large websites since 2008.

The market is ever changing, and WhiteWave TECH is constantly optimizing technical techniques, processes and suppliers, to ensure the best performance in the Chinese internet.

Let our experience become your peace-of-mind in China.

Which of the below describes your technical needs?

  • Need #1

    I need help to set up EVERYTHING from scratch.

    If you’re just setting up your company, we understand managing your technical needs is the last thing you want to worry about.

    From domain names, to hosting, to email addresses to eDM sending systems etc, we will take the hassle and technical jargon out of all your technical tools.

  • Need #2

    I need help to ensure readers in China can access / understand my website.

    Web users in China mostly read only simplified Chinese, and you need to ensure that your website is not only properly translated, but also correctly localized.

    Also given the Great Firewall in effect in China, the only way of ensuring your website is accessible within China is to find a reliable China host.

    We can help with this. We’ve been doing it for ourselves and our clients for years now.

  • Need #3

    I need help to maintain and update all my websites, Weibo accounts, and manage all my technical suppliers.

    Setting everything up is only the beginning, now you need to live with it!

    We will help you maintain and update your websites and also enable you to deal only with one technical supplier - us.