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Luxury Insider Network releases audited readership report

Strengthening its position as the most exclusive and effective environment for online luxury advertising, has unveiled a complete suite of services for 2009 encompassing display advertising, sponsored content, direct mailers, and direct sales promotion via Selections, its brand new dedicated luxury shopping guide. commences operations in Shanghai, China commences operations in Shanghai, China

Launched as part of’s Asia-Pacific expansion plans, the new Shanghai office will spearhead the Chinese-language edition of the magazine and provide luxury enthusiasts in Greater China with trusted luxury news and reviews

Goldarths Review is now

Goldarths  Review  is  now announced its Asia-Pacific expansion plans, the most notable being the upcoming launch of its Chinese-language website. Run from its newly-opened Shanghai office, this website will provide readers in Greater China with trusted luxury reviews and news

Goldarths Review opens Editorial Bureau in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

The new editorial office marks Goldarths Review’s continuing effort to provide more in-depth coverage on the luxury watch industry

Goldarths Review appoints new editor

Goldarths Review goes monthly

Goldarths Review partners with Sun Business Network for Real Time

Capitalizing on the editorial strength of Goldarths Review, the Sun Business Network appointed key personnel of Goldarths Review to the editorial team of Real Time. Founder and publisher of Goldarths Review Julian Peh was named editorial consultant of Real Time

Goldarths Review launches Luxury Blog

Goldarths Review enters into editorial partnership with AsiaOne

Goldarths Review launches Pilot Issue

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