Heart Media partners with Magzter to launch 9 digital magazine titles

Heart Media today announces the launch of 9 digital magazine titles to be published by Magzter. The partnership between Heart Media and Magzter seeks to deepen Heart Media’s presence in Asia

Heart Media, regarded as Asia’s fastest rising media and publishing house, is committed to publishing market-leading magazines and digital media that connects with the region’s affluent and brand-conscious consumers through their chosen lifestyle activities. Like Magzter, Heart Media has gone on to establish a solid reputation in a very short span of time. The magazines from the Heart Media stables hold illustrious track records, each having built a strong market presence across SingaporeMalaysia and Indonesia.

CEO and Publisher for Heart Media, Olivier Burlot comments, “Over the past few months, we have noticed an increasing demand from readers across the region for Heart Media to offer more accessibility to our publications, as well as the need for higher levels of reader-brand engagement. The launch of Heart Media’s 9 magazine titles on Magzter’s global-digital platform not only caters to this need, but it successfully does so with the additional benefit of convenience.” “Being digital, there is also the additional benefit of a longer ‘shelf-life’ for each issue of the magazine”,  says Olivier Burlot who goes on to add that, “Once each issue is downloaded onto your smart device, you will be able to revisit downloaded issues anytime and anywhere, until you choose to delete them.”

Readers on Magzter can now access the following magazines from Heart Media:

Men’s Folio is Singapore's premier men’s magazine providing readers with definitive coverage on fashion, style and culture. Now into its 17th year, Men’s Folio is published ten times a year with a regional reach encompassing Malaysia and Indonesia.

WOW (World of Watches) is the most widely read and most respected watch magazine in South East Asia. A quarterly magazine; WOW is published in 5 important markets - SingaporeMalaysia,Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Form in Singapore, along with Room in Malaysia are bi-monthly publications that seek to provide exclusive access to the region’s most beautiful homes and the fascinating people who live in them.

WOW Jewellery is produced by the respected team of experts behind WOW and is published once a year, with a specific focus on jewellery and jewellery timepieces.

Art Republik is Singapore’s premier quarterly magazine for the art lover, and celebrates the language of art. It aspires to be a platform for artists, curators and critics to express their insights on the world of art.

L’Officiel Singapore is the local edition of the adored French magazine, L’Officiel. Known for its authoritative voice in fashion, arts, beauty, jewellery and lifestyle, L’Officiel is published ten times a year, L’Officiel Singapore caters to the stylish sophisticate, the cultured and the well-heeled, with sharp reportage and witty commentary on the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

L’Officiel Hommes Singapore is the local edition of the French magazine for men, L’Officiel Hommes, and is published bi-annually with a strong focus on the latest in men’s fashion, and luxury lifestyle trends.

Palace magazine is the leading high-end real estate publication circulated four times a year throughout the Asia-Pacific region with a specific focus on the region’s key capital cities. Palace features unique properties -all for sale- whether in Asia, the AmericasAustralia, or in Europe. Each luxurious property is presented in great detail with the asking price indicated, making Palace the ultimate high-end real estate bible for ultra-HNWI and investors across the Asia-Pacific region.

Heart Media is an associate company of WhiteWave Media Group. WhiteWave Media Group handles the digital strategy for all Heart Media websites.

“Reports show that Singapore and Hong Kong are amongst the top 3 countries in the world with the highest number of smartphone or smart device users. This is indicative of how Asia is, more than ever, an extremely dynamic region, with the public constantly hungry to consume information, whenever and wherever possible. This digital initiative by Heart Media seeks to cater to the needs of the mobile reader, by providing this person with additional rich and engaging content” comments Ashok Soman, General Manager (SEA) for WhiteWave Media Group.

Magzter’s expansion across Asia can categorically be attributed to a well-charted growth and development plan. The availability of content that appeals to all segments of readers not only gains heightened awareness on newsstands in Asia, but also attracts followers attributing to Magzter’s near 19 million global digital subscribers.

“Magzter has been gaining wide acceptance among a technologically oriented diaspora who wish to be associated with the latest in fashion and trends across the world. The offerings from Heart Media have attracted a steady following among the elite audience in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam and we at Magzter are thrilled to be taking their offerings now to a global audience.”- said Mr.Vijay Radhakrishnan, Co-founder and President Magzter.


HEART MEDIA, the publisher of L’OFFICIEL Singapore, ART REPUBLIK, World of Watches (WOW), WOW Jewellery, MEN’S FOLIO, FORM, ROOM, PALACE magazines, is committed to publishing market leading magazines and digital media which connect with the region’s affluent and brand-conscious consumers through their chosen lifestyle activities. HEART MEDIA’s titles have established solid reputations in their respective sectors with illustrious track records. Each one has built a strong market presence across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

With a vision to strengthen its regional growth and offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hong Kong and Shanghai, HEART MEDIA is regarded as one of Asia's fastest growing media and publishing houses.

For more information, please visit: www.heart-media.com

About WhiteWave Media Group

WhiteWave Media Group is Asia’s no. 1 integrated luxury media group, publishing leading luxury magazines, websites and mobile apps. With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the group combines high-quality editorial with deep technical know-how in digital delivery.

A global pioneer in online luxury publishing, the Group launched its flagship product        Luxury-Insider.com in 2006. Today it is Asia's leading luxury website, with its Chinese      language sister site, InLuxe.cn growing fast in its readership. With its long and proven track record for delivering successful online campaigns for the most prestigious luxury brands, the Group is the most trusted online media team in the publishing industry.              

Once again breaking new ground, the Group launched its Luxury Locator app first in Singapore, then Hong Kong in 2012. The first mobile app to list and organize the most essential luxury brand boutiques and shops in the city, it has quickly become the definitive directory for luxury shopping.

With a combination of innovation, technology and media acumen, WWMG is in a prime position to assist companies with forward-thinking and effective marketing solutions.         

For more information, please visit: www.WW-MG.com


MAGZTER Inc. is the world's largest and fastest growing self-service, cross-platform digital magazine store and newsstand with over 18 million digital consumers, more than 3500 magazines, 1000s of books and comic titles from over 1000 publishers. Headquartered in New York, MAGZTER has its local offices in London, Paris, Barcelona, Munich, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Chennai and Singapore and will soon be expanding to other countries. Founded by global entrepreneurs, Girish Ramdas and Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan in June 2011, MAGZTER enables magazine publishers around the world to create and deliver digital editions of their titles to global consumers.  Powered by its proprietary OREY Click Publishing System®, that allows publishers to upload their magazines with a single touch, MAGZTER also enables them to publish interactive/audio-visual content in the magazine as it supports HTML 5.

The MAGZTER app is available on Apple iOS, Android (Google Play), Windows 8, the Web, Amazon App Store and Kindle Fire and is expanding to more platforms soon. Users can buy their magazines on any of the above devices/platforms and seamlessly port their purchases to any other devices, a feature unique to MAGZTER.

To download MAGZTER, visit: www.MAGZTER.com

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